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DOT Physicals $79

What happens during the exam?

​*Driver completes long form which we supply electronically to your email.
*A urine sample is taken: checking for protein,  blood and sugar. (not a drug test)
*Height and Weight are recorded.
*Vision Test is performed.
*Hearing Test is performed.
*Blood pressure is taken.
*Review of your medical history and current  medication.
*12 Body System checks as described on page 3  of the long form.​

Takes about 20 minutes



What should I bring to the exam?

Please bring the following:

​​​1. A picture ID 
(driver's license, passport, etc.)
2. List of Medications
3. Corrective lenses (glasses) if needed
4. Medical clearance letter from 
    doctor/specialist, if needed.
5. Compliance report if using a 
    CPAP Machine
​6. Your doctor's name, phone number 
    and fax number.​​
*Please be ready for a urinalysis. Refrain from using the restroom before arriving to our office and drink some water.