What happens during the exam?

​*Driver completes long form which we supply electronically to your email.
*A urine sample is taken: checking for protein,  blood and sugar. (not a drug test)
*Height and Weight are recorded.
*Vision Test is performed.
*Hearing Test is performed.
*Blood pressure is taken.
*Review of your medical history and current  medication.
*12 Body System checks as described on page 3  of the long form.​

Takes about 20 minutes

What should I bring to the exam?

Please bring the following:

​​​1. A picture ID 
(driver's license, passport, etc.)
2. List of Medications
3. Corrective lenses (glasses) if needed
4. Medical clearance letter from 
    doctor/specialist, if needed.
5. Compliance report if using a 
    CPAP Machine
​6. Your doctor's name, phone number 
    and fax number.​​
*Please be ready for a urinalysis. Refrain from using the restroom before arriving to our office and drink some water.

626 N. Thornton Ave Orlando FL 32803




We offer DOT Physicals for all commercial drivers required to get a DOT exam by a certified examiner at our office located in Orlando Florida.  You may schedule online 24 hrs per day! $69