Save when you buy more!!!!!​
2 Chiropractic visits per month....ONLY $69.00 per month

Maintenance plans can be purchased through Pay Pal online or you can sign up in our office through a credit card of your choice.

​​Chiropractic Monthly Care.... One Chiropractic adjustment per month with a therapy (hydromassage bed, electric stim, traction, ultrasound)   ONLY $39.00 per month

Monthly One hour Massage and chiropractic adjustment....One hour Massage and a chiropractic adjustment one time per month​.  ONLY $89.00 per month

Maintenance packages allow you one visit each month to our office for the service that you choose.

Maintenance packages have no refunds or cancellations.

You will be billed monthly for 12 months.   If you wish to continue after that you will need to reestablish a new yearly plan.
If you miss a monthly visit you may bank that visit for future use.  All 12 visits must be used in the 12 month period unless you continue your plan for another 12 months.  In that case any unused visits will roll over from old plans to new plan.
There is no insurance coverage available with these maintenance plans as insurance does not cover maintenance care.

$39 Chiropractic plans require you to become a New Patient prior to being able to purchase.  Please schedule New Patient visit first.   Current patients may purchase this at any time.   Schedule New Patient visit now!

Monthly $89 massage and adjustment plan includes x rays and examination.  Your New Patient visit is included when you sign up.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel memberships.  

Must be redeemed during regular business hours, pleases note hours.

Online booking available 24 hours a day!  Click schedule appointment to be taken to our online appointment scheduler.